Assembly of Capital District Pagans

The ACDP is growing. Keep checking back to see progress.

For Now

Feel free to look around the site. Contact Us with any questions, concerns or comments.

Find us

While this site is under maintenance feel free to find us on Facebook

ACDP Community Meetings

We hold Meetings twice a month.

Moot Planning Meeting

Planning Meetings are just that.

We talk, discuss and plan for the upcoming moot. next Planning Meeting is Tuesday May 19th, 2015 @ 7pm

Held at: Colonie Crossings Park; 580 Albany Shaker Rd

Community Meetings

These are the more social of the monthly meetings. Its a time to get together with other Pagans, hanf out and get to know eachother. We do numerous activities at these meetings. Educational Discussion, Introuctions, Community events and more. When the weather improves these meetings will be held outdoors at various locations.

*A Community Meeting has not been scheduled for May *