Assembly of Capital District Pagans

The ACDP is growing. Keep checking back to see progress.

For Now

Feel free to look around the site. Contact Us with any questions, concerns or comments.

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Looking to help out?

The ACDP is a community driven volunteer organization. Everything we do and achieve is because of dedicated people like you.

There are a few types of ACDP Membership:

* Volunteer-The easiest thing you can do to help out is come to one of our Community Meetings. Even if it's only to passively listen. Once you come to a meeting you will hear about upcoming events and things we have planned for the year. If theres something you think you could help out with, speak up. We are always open to new ideas and endeavors. As our events grow, so too will the need for volunteers.
* Dues Paying Member - A step up from a volunteer, a dues ($10/Year) paying volunteer has the ability to vote on all ACDP decisions that happen at planning meetings. Only Dues paying members can run for a board position.
* Position Holder - The ACDP is made up of assorted positions that are fundamental to the running of the ACDP & Harvest Moot. Only dues paying, active (6+Months) members can take on a postion. Position Holders are on a volunteer basis, and no formal vote is mandatory for a person to take on the responsability.
* Board Member - There are a total of 4 Board positions: Secretary, Treasurer, Co-Chair & Chair. These are volunteer positions, but unlike the others a vote must be held for a person to be on the board.


We are now accepting applications for persons interested in holding classes and workshops at this years Harvest Moot. Send an e-mail to ContactUs@TheACDP.Org with your class/workshop proposal.